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Mustard-Cotton Kurta Shalwar

Mustard-Cotton Kurta Shalwar

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Cotton Kurta Shalwar is renowned for being the best due to its softness, purity, and ability to absorb. Yan Dyed Cotton Collection is made of high-quality yarn ensuring it is lightweight, comfortable, and premium for perfect wear.

Key Features

  • Soft
  • Light Feel
  • Comfortable
  • breathable

Size:   4.5 Meters

Packaging:   Buttons & Brand Tag

Season:   Summer

Fabric:   Premium High Tech Soft Cotton

Dying:   Solid Dye

Finishing:   Soft Finish

*Note: Fabric color will vary 5% to 10% from the actual image of the product. Additionally, Each brand mobile will differ in the color of fabric as well.

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